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About Me

Hi, I’m Katie. When I am not out trail running, cycle touring, or taking pictures you will find me at my desk working on my next writing project.

Like travel and outdoor adventure, words inspire me. They are the stepping-stones to powerful stories. Carefully laid words impel us to lean into life, to immerse ourselves in new ideas and experiences.

The right words drive us to act.

Since leaving New Zealand with a BA in Literature and PGDip in Arts Subjects, I have worked my way from Asia to South America collecting my own stories and helping others create and tell theirs.

Today you’ll find me in Duisburg, Germany, utilizing my communication skills and writing experience to create captivating stories.



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The Grass Is Always Greener, Except In the Bluegrass State

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Chugging South in Search of Spring

Spring seems to overslept all along the East Coast. Perhaps, like so many of us, it drank a little too much over winter and is slow to shake off it's stupor. In spite of the frosty mornings, stiff legs, and frozen fingertips, we're still enjoying the array of...


Thanks for taking the time to contact me. What story do you want to tell? Please send me an email with details about your project so I can figure out how best to help you. If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a phone call to discuss the project and get to know each other.